Tuesday 26 January 2016


Blues Ladies manager, David Parker has addressed the recent departures from the Club.

The Blues Ladies Manager said everyone was well aware of fans’ feelings.

“We understand our fans are concerned with some of the outgoings from the Club,” he stated.

“As always, we would like to remain transparent with our fans, especially during the transfer window

“We are working hard behind the scenes and, for clarity, will review each departure on a case by case basis.

“With Karen Carney, she was out of her contract, and while we did offer her a new deal she had a great opportunity she couldn’t turn down.

“As a Club we wish her all the best and seeing the reaction on social media, everyone wishes her the same.

“The Club also received a great offer for Becky Spencer from League title holders Chelsea. Given their current League status and opportunity to play in Europe it was a great opportunity for Becky.

“We negotiated an extremely good deal for the Club and are confident that we have a ready replacement in Sophie Baggaley.

“Given Sophie’s performance last season it is a natural transition, one of which remains as part of our development philosophy.

“As regards Chelsea Weston, her departure was due to a decision made by the Club

“There was an option clause in her contract, which Blues Ladies chose to not exercise as it was in the Club's best interest, making Chelsea a free agent. The Club, however, wishes to thank Chelsea for her service and offer all the best in her future endeavours.”